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Tributes: Notes from Crossroads 2017

Rajee Samarasinghe

altPoet Diane Burns is showcased in Sky Hopinka’s I'll Remember You As You Were, Not As What You'll Become, an elegy or supernatural encounter bookended by colorful spiritual passages. A slow-shuttered neon cross glides across the frame as Burns taps a beat on a mic, reciting a poem: «I don’t care if you’re married, I still love you…» The text is laid over a nightscape; beams of light rotate across the screen. The text imposes. These echoes find their way across landscapes.

Christina C. Nguyen’s assault musical You Don’t Own Me, sources Lesley Gore’s 1964 performance of You Don’t Own Me sung on The TAMI Show. Nguyen’s recent work develops out of the process itself, leaning heavily on personal obsessions and very meticulous planning. This particular piece is concerned with the ecstatic and intimate quality of a creative gesture. It is fascinated by the other side of an impassioned performance. Gore often sang songs written for her, describing tragic love affairs she had with boys though she would later come out as gay. Nguyen felt that this particular performance pointed to some of the tension Gore held within. The formal configuration of the piece aimed to find some of this tension.

The flicker effect is achieved via a rigid structuralist framework which shuttles between Gore’s performance playing forwards and backwards, converging at the center for a brief moment. The soundtrack sounds nothing like the orginal song. It somehow works autonomously, though it constantly refers back to original which is, in itself, a rather unusual flicker effect. Nguyen’s influences for the piece include Martin Arnold as well as Bruce Conner’s Breakaway. The film was created a year prior to Gore’s death. This version is the fourth and final iteration of the film, the previous versions have “fallen into the digital ether.”

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